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Website Design & Editorial Services

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Web Weavers began in 1998 as a website planning, design and maintenance service. Since then we have expanded our activities to include domain and website hosting and management as well as a wide range of editorial services. Now we have split Web Weavers into two separate services to meet the needs of two different groups of clients.

Editorial strategy, planning, research, writing, editing and publishing

Christopher Backeberg specialises in all aspects of editorial services.

He draws on 40 years of experience as a journalist, writer, editor and publisher. He delivers top-quality editorial work to commercial, technical and academic clients as well as various types of publications.

Christopher writes at all levels, from popular science, technology and humour articles to formally researched material that may be subject to peer review.

Website and domain strategy, planning, design, promotion and management

Although we still host websites, Web Weavers outsources all website business to Iain Backeberg, to bring total focus to clients’ Internet and website development needs.

Drawing on 8 years experience in Web Development, Iain started work as an independent web developer in 2009. designing websites for corporate clients, SME’s and individuals alike.

Websites are built using the latest frameworks of Joomla and Wordpress incorporating website marketing and search engine optomisation.

Quick guide to fees

Depending on the type of work:
ZAR350/hour (about US$45 / €34 / £29) is about what we charge.
For news items and other short text: We can quote around ZAR3.50/word (about US$0.45 / €0.34 / £0.29)

** All fees are naturally subject to project requirements and client negotiations.

** Fees are often lower per hour for bigger projects or contract work.


Quick guide to fees

Domain registration/renewal:
.CO.ZA: ZAR75 (South Africa only)
.COM, .NET, etc: ZAR200 (about US$25 / €20 / £16)
Plain HTML website hosting:
ZAR70/month (about US$9 / €7 / £6) or R840/year
Website hosting with database: ZAR100/month (about US$13 / €10 / £8) or R1200/year
Website design and development:
ZAR350/hour (about US$45 / €34 / £29)

** All design and development fees are naturally subject to project requirements and client negotiations.


Naturally we strive to retain (or recapture) our youthful charm in all of our business dealings. But we also like our clients to know that our team incorporates several decades of experience in management, marketing, public relations, publishing, journalism and computers.

Home Page-If your site is interactive - if people have to send you a form or a response - that will provide a better measure of how well your site is doing. If, for example, you follow any of the links from our page of excellent software downloads, you'll arrive at the software supplier's download page, not at its home page. If life was like the Internet, you'd be able to rush to the bathroom after a long journey without going through any of the doors or windows of your home.

If your site is interactive - if people have to send you a form or a response - that will provide a better measure of how well your site is doing. Host is the web server operated by the service provider who hosts your website. Be a good guest - don't visit the service provider and pour coffee on the keyboard of the host computer just because your website isn't recording any hits. Http is Abbreviation for HyperText Transport Protocol, which is used to transmit hypertext files across the Internet.

The hypertext is a document containing more than just text. It may incorporate sounds, images, animations and links to other documents (or to websites).

Intranet is an intranet is not necessarily connected to the Internet. If it is, your supervisor becomes annoyed when you look at "Clinton Jokes On-Line" instead of doing the invoices for last week.

An IP number could look something like "". Abbreviation for Internet Protocol Number, a unique set of four numbers which identify a computer to the rest of the Internet. If your computer doesn't have an IP number, you're not on the Net. So you might as well start reading books again. Unless you have some good computer games...

The IRC is Abbreviation for Internet Relay Chat, the means whereby any number of people may engage in live "chat" on the Internet and exchange more banalities than even the average sports commentator could dream of. The selection of services may include dial-up access to the World Wide Web, an email account and the hosting and design of websites. Good service providers are generally considered better than bad ones. The extension JMEG for images, is the compression results in some loss of colour and resolution, but seldom so much that you'd notice on a grotty little computer screen that you haven't cleaned since 1993. JPEG is the preferred format for photographs and other more subtly coloured images on the Internet.

LINK-Two meanings - the highlighted text or image that you click in a hypertext document to go to a different document (or a different part of the same document); or the place that you go to when you've clicked. The words on this page that change colour and turn the mouse pointer into a little hand are links. If one of them takes you to a new page, that new page is also a link. What good is jargon without a little ambiguity?

Plugin-in:A program you install on your computer to boost the power of your other programs. Plug-ins for browsers include utilities for playing audio or video files. As yet there is no plug-in to automatically cut short the audio or video files that your computer thinks you won't enjoy. Router is a A junction device dedicated to controlling the connection between two or more networks. Most I.T. managers like expensive ones.

Website,wesbiste: A page or set of pages on the World Wide Web accessed by entering the correct Internet address. A website is the electronic equivalent of a print publication. When you open your morning newspaper, aren't you glad it doesn't play home-composed Midi music?

We could answer that the Internet is the wave of the future and we want to ride on the crest. We'd be speaking sincerely. We could also reply that designing websites isn't just a job, it's our passion. If you use our services, you'll be dealing with people who unashamedly love their work.

Where to look for web design ideas

Nowadays, everyone is aware of the importance of a well-established offline and online presence for companies interested in reaching the appropriate audience. Either as a web development newbie or a manager interested in building a new website or redesign the old one, you might be interested in resources for web design ideas. These days you can easily find them online. Moreover, you can also gain useful insights from professionals working in this field of activity or even people like gorgeous escorts who have already been down that road.

Browsing ideas for choosing a direction

The first step you need to take in this case is to choose a direction for your design. You can start by picking up some ideas from the Internet to inspire you to realize what you would like to be done. Moreover, you can discuss such topics with various people like beautiful escorts who have already developed a great website for their professional activity. They will tell you what steps they had to follow and how they managed to create something unique to represent their business.

Furthermore, once you establish the main principles which you would like to follow, it is time for you to find a professional team to offer you support in this area. If you meet a gorgeous escort Paris like those from, she will help you find the right person to assist you with this. She has collaborated with one before and can tell you how to follow the next steps.

If you are a specialist yourself or a newbie interested in developing the web design on your own, you can also rely on Internet sources to gain ideas. The important thing is to gather all the information you can find for inspiration and structure it well so that in the end you might have a simple, well-designed website. Any magnificent escort Paris you meet will tell you that your website needs to be designed in a simple yet smart manner to represent your company, product or services in a professional way.

Inspiration everywhere you look on the Internet

The Internet has become the never-ending resource of information for anything you might be interested in discovering. Web design does not come as an exception in this case. There are thousands of websites online that present similar companies to the one you own or provide the same type of services you do. This way, you can always browse through comprehensive galleries of beautifully designed websites to see what you might like or consider appropriate for your own web page. Ask for ideas from people you meet as well such as attractive escorts from SexeModel who have already developed something unique to represent them and their business online.

A beautiful escort Paris can also help you filter such galleries by industry, website types as well as various design styles and color palettes to find the right combination for your needs and requirements. Seeing various relevant examples will help you create an image in your mind about the way in which the end-result should look like.

Finally, ask attractive escorts about contact information for companies or individual professionals they have worked with in the past. You can meet with them, tell them your business story and rely on their knowledge and skills to create a great web design for your company.